Student Activities

All students are encouraged to participate in activities for growth.

Student Activities 2018-2019

Each student is encouraged to participate in activities in which there is adequate preparation, skill level, and interest. Each student works with greater care when involved in preparing to perform in an activity which demands that the student brings forth his best effort. Most students without a meaningful performance and evaluation would just drift along and lose much of the growth that occurs when their efforts are put to the test. The following are activities which are available for qualifying students.


The OMTA Ribbon Festival is the 1st or 2nd weekend in March at Kent State University. Each student is required to prepare one piece of his choice to perform in a private audition before a qualified judge who writes comments on the performance. A ribbon identifying the number of years of participation in the festival is awarded as well as the comment sheet returned to the student. This activity is a good test for most students’ recital piece as the first dry run.


The date is the Saturday in March at the beginning of Spring break at Kent State University.  This activity requires a student to prepare two pieces, one a choice piece and another from a graded list of American composers.  Other categories include duets, concertos, and hymn playing.  The student performs in a private audition before two judges who give a detailed evaluation and rating.  Points are awarded based upon the highest rating.  When students accumulate a certain number of points, they receive various awards including a NFMC Gold Cup.


This is a very high caliber competition which is selecting the most outstanding student pianists in the State of Ohio.  There are nine districts each of which may select an elementary, junior high and senior high student to represent the district at the Ohio Music Teachers State Buckeye Auditions in June.  The district auditions are usually on a Saturday-Sunday in late April.  Preliminary rounds are on the first day and the finals are on the second day.  These auditions are for the very advanced and polished students.  This competition is available only to students who demonstrate the most outstanding ability for their age group and based upon the standards set by the most outstanding students in Ohio.


This is a recital of just my students which is usually in late May or early June at Kent State University. All prepared students are invited and encouraged to participate as for many it may only be a single opportunity for them to prepare a performance for anything.